Unsung Heroes Of Science We Salute You

You might not know it, but some extraordinary scientists are doing some even more extraordinary things...

Ready to meet some heroes?

Unsung Heroes Of Science We Salute You

What common theme unites two dynamic young female science entrepreneurs from opposite sides of the Atlantic? What does a German-born nonagenarian have in common with a Chinese-born post-doctoral research fellow at Cambridge? What connects two Scotsmen living in New Zealand to a Dutchman who’s in love with Africa?

The simple answer is science. But scratch a little deeper and you’ll find that it’s a very special kind of science that addresses the two defining challenges facing society. How do we better look after the people on this planet? And how do we safeguard the planet itself?

At DSM we know a thing or two about bright science for Health & Wellness and Climate & Energy; and we know a bright idea when we see one. So here are just a few…