The ultimate learning experience

Meet Judith van Gorp & Damien Reardon



Revolutionizing renewable energy - A wild journey

Professor Ernesto Julio Calvo wins DSM Bright Minds Challenge

"Since winning the Bright Minds Challenge 2017 it has been a wild and incredible journey that we could never have expected."

Revolutionizing renewable energy - Passionate experts make a difference

Professor Ernesto Julio Calvo

Since winning the DSM Bright Minds Challenge in June 2017, the expert support received by Inquimae has proved to be truly invaluable, says Professor Ernesto Julio Calvo.

The ultimate learning experience

Judith van Gorp & Damien Reardon

"To work at the highest ranked university in the world, surrounded by bright, optimistic young people from all corners of the globe; it’s a real inspiration to get out of bed every day"

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