13 June: The Bright Minds Challenge ‘Grand Final’


13 June: The Bright Minds Challenge ‘Grand Final’

Watch the Grand Final from Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek

The Grand Final will be broadcast live on YouTube - so join a select group of leaders, pioneers, innovators, scientists and investors at the Westergasfabriek - a former gas factory and now a 100% sustainable park in Amsterdam - to get inspired, share your perspective, network with industry leaders, find new pathways to collaboration, and celebrate the Bright Minds Challenge!

Moderated by the Dutch journalist Aldith Hunkar, the Grand Final program is:

  • 13:30: Kick off Bright Minds Challenge event
  • 13:45: Panel discussion on cross-border collaboration for 100% renewable energy with Sandrine Dixon-Decleve, Danny Kennedy, Rob van Leen, Jeremy Leggett
  • 14:15: Pitch by Cellulike
  • 14:30: Pitch by Inquimae
  • 14:45: Pitch by Solar Ear
  • 15:00: Online Questions & Answers session with 3 finalists
  • 15:10: Feike Sijbesma, CEO DSM - Why DSM launched the Bright Minds Challenge
  • 15:30: Close of program

Climate change is one of our greatest global challenges and we need to act now to solve this problem. We believe that science can change the world and that fast-forwarding to 100% renewable energy is one of our best shots to take carbon out of the grid and improve lives. But who holds the key to achieving this transition?

Key speakers and panelists:

  • Danny Kennedy, clean-technology entrepreneur an environmental activist and managing director of the California Clean Energy Fund
  • Feike Sijbesma, CEO Royal DSM
  • Jeremy Leggett, Social entrepreneur & founder of Solarcentury and founder and chairman of SolarAid
  • Sandrine Dixon-Decleve, Senior Advisor, Corporate Purpose, Sustainability & Climate Change
  • Rob van Leen, Chief Innovation officer and Member Executive Committee, Royal DSM

Hear from the Bright Minds Challenge finalists

Our Bright Minds have devoted years to research and entrepreneurship before bringing their patent-ready solar and energy storage solutions into the spotlight. They won the public vote and impressed our expert jury before getting a chance to present their solutions to you on June 13th. Listen to their final pitches live and discover the promising future their solutions can bring; as we reveal the ultimate winner of the Challenge. Be part of their exciting journey towards making 100% renewable energy a reality!

Hear from our expert panelists

Hear from our expert panelists as they explore how cross-border collaboration provides a beacon of hope to achieve 100% renewable energy:

  • Why do cross border collaborations matter?
  • How does the changing societal landscape affect these collaborations?
  • How are initiatives such as the Bright Minds Challenge pushing boundaries to help find and scale solutions to 100% renewable energy?
  • What are some practical steps, top-tips and actions to creating powerful collaborations towards a faster global progress?