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Blog: How can 500 hours of support help fast-forward your solution?

Our Bright Minds partner, Solarcentury, a world leading solar provider, wanted to know how 500 hours of commercial, technical and mentoring support worth over $100,000 could help fast-forward emerging solutions and teams in renewable energy. So they asked their in-house product innovators and pioneers, using their deep knowledge of the sector, what they would use the time on. Here’s what they had to say…

Watch #Brightmindschallenge featuring Solarcentury's Peter Italiano

Peter Italiano

Head of Product Development

“500 hours would ensure that you can get your great idea into the market. I would use the time to look at regulator requirements. Especially if your product is to be sold in multiple markets as they can vary widely from country to country.” Watch Movie (YouTube or Youku).

Watch #Brightmindschallenge featuring Solarcentury's Noelle Hegarty

Noelle Hegarty

Senior Residential Marketing Executive on Sunstation

“500 hours of guidance would provide expert mentoring on your business model, marketing strategy and a critical friend on the project overall. I would use the time to gain a greater understanding of your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and how to differentiate your solution from your competitors.” Watch Movie (YouTube or Youku).

Watch #Brightmindschallenge featuring Solarcentury's Steven Eltringham

Steven Eltringham

Product Development Engineer

“500 hours could help your product resolve the key issues in getting to market. It could be the difference between having a great idea that’s sitting on the shelf and having a great product which you can manufacture and sell at a price that makes financial sense.” Watch Movie (YouTube or Youku).

Watch #Brightmindschallenge featuring Solarcentury's Hannah Eastwell

Hannah Eastwell

Product Development Engineer

“500 hours would be invaluable at the beginning of a project. This could be used for access to test labs and could be used for testing prototypes and early stage product development that will make all the difference later on.” Watch Movie (YouTube or Youku).

How would 500 hours of support help you to take your solution to the next level?

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