How to finalize your submission in 1 week or less

How to finalize your submission in 1 week or less

How to finalize your submission in 1 week or less

The deadline to enter the Bright Minds Challenge is approaching fast (you have until midnight CET on 1 Feb*). But there’s still time to craft a great entry and put your solution in the running for an unprecedented $100,000 worth of tailored support. Here are five useful things to consider as the clock ticks down. *UPDATE: We’ve extended the submission deadline to 6 February 2017 to give those who have started their application a chance to finalize it.

1. Entering the Challenge is easy
You’ve done the hard work already by coming up with your solar or energy storage idea and getting it to the prototyped and patent ready stage. We’ve tried to make the entry form for the Bright Minds Challenge as straightforward as possible. Completing it shouldn’t take more than one hour, at most. Check out our tips to craft your entry.

2. You’ve probably already got most of the materials you need
Chances are, a lot of the words you need already exist somewhere on your desk or in your computer. If you haven’t already done so, gather together all previous presentations, pitch documents, funding requests and similar materials about your project. Cut and paste relevant information into the entry form and then edit as necessary. Remember that you don’t have to finalize and polish your entry in one go. You can come back as often as you like, right up to the deadline.

3. Lean on your support network
Now might be a good time to call in any favors you’re owed by friends, family or colleagues, especially if they happen to be a whiz at writing or video editing. This is for a really good cause, after all – promoting your solution AND helping the movement towards 100% renewable energy.

Have a last-minute question about the Challenge or the submissions process? Check out the FAQs, ask it via the Bright Minds Challenge LinkedIn group or email the Bright Minds team.

4. Keep your solution video simple
Time is short, so avoid getting bogged down with a complex video concept. There’s no need to create a cinematic masterpiece. Some of the most effective videos are also the simplest. Check out our tips for making an engaging video. It can be easier – and more rewarding – than you might think!

5. Remember what’s on offer – and stay motivated
Simply by entering the Challenge, you’ll gain valuable exposure for your project. And you could win a tailored package of up to $100,000 worth of expert support – whether you need help with the regulatory environment, marketing strategy, your business model or lab time – to turbocharge your solution’s potential to make history. You’ll retain full control of your IP and your solution the whole way along.

And don’t forget that the effort you put into crafting your entry over the next few days will help you pitch your solution to supporters and backers, long after the Bright Minds Challenge has finished.

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