WakaWaka competition winners announced

WakaWaka competition winners announced

School children with their WakaWakas

We are excited to announce the winners of the WakaWaka competition!

Thanks to you, countless votes were cast to decide the Top 10 Bright Minds Challenge entries and make a feasible move towards 100% renewable energy.

And as promised, we’d like to reward 10 randomly selected voters with a WakaWaka Power+ - a durable, lightweight and compact solar charger that charges all types of smartphones or small electronic device within just a few hours.

Why? Because we’d like you to carry a piece of sunlight wherever you go!

Here are the lucky winners:

  • @alexperez
  • @carolsoares
  • @davisojiambo
  • @jonmullins
  • @lissapere
  • @nathanarbitman
  • @rodolfopereyra
  • @rouvin
  • @shcol
  • @stefanbokma

If your username is listed above, please get in touch with us for details about how to claim your prize.

WakaWaka is a great example of Bright Minds using science and creativity to find solutions to the greatest challenges facing the world today. Their mission is to help to improve lives by sharing the sun with people living without access to electricity. They use the sun's awesome power to create safe, sustainable, iconic products that deliver solar energy for all.

Follow our Bright Minds Top 10 here to learn more about how they are finding innovative solutions. Share your favourite entry or post a motivational comment to support them make 100% renewables happen faster!

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