What future will you vote for?

What future will you vote for?

Vote on the Bright Minds Challenge

No, this is not about another political election.

DSM and its partners have kicked off the Bright Minds Challenge because we believe science can solve the most important issues facing the world today.

Starting with the issue that is arguably the biggest and most pressing of all – climate change. Did you know that if the world transitioned to 100% renewable energy fast enough, the worst effects of climate change could be headed off? Pretty impressive, huh?

The good news is that we’re convinced that the technologies we need to achieve this already exist. And that by working together in new ways we’ll get them to market much faster. That’s why our experts are ready to throw their support behind three winning solutions – to help them achieve global impact. That’s also why we’re giving everyone a say in the Bright Minds Challenge. And why we’re asking YOU to give just a few minutes of your time to support the renewable energy revolution by voting for the solution you think has the greatest potential. Your simple action can make a real difference. Hope you know that, right?

So, go ahead and vote by using the button for your chosen solution. Let us know which solutions you think have the greatest potential to change the world. Tell us what future you want to be part of. Remember that you don’t need to be a scientist or be a renewable energy expert. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: What catches your eye? First impressions matter.
Scroll through the challenge page and see what jumps out! If you’re passionate about solar or storage in particular, you can filter based on your interests.  A few questions to ask yourself –How does it have a positive impact? Is it an interesting new innovation? Where are they based? What grabs your attention and gets you excited?

Step 2: Digging into the detail. Getting to know them better.
Now it’s time to find out more and the profile page is the place to start. Click on their video for a good overview of their solution. Find out how it benefits society. This is very important. We want to make sure you select a solution based on the impact it will have on society rather than technical elements that require a science degree. Ask yourself the following questions: will this solution have an impact on my family’s life? What about the neighbor next door? Will this solution make the world a better place? The written submission on the profile page will guide you. Also, check out their social media to find out more about their latest activity if you are one of those social media savvy people. If you’re still looking for more info – leave a comment on their page and hear directly from the scientist why this is important to them.

Step 3: Choosing your champion. Have you found The One?
Once you’ve chosen your favorite entry – now is the easy part. Simply log-in and vote.

You can cast one vote for as many solutions as you want. Please note that you can only vote once per solution.

Step 4: Congratulations. Now make sure your friends and family know about it.
If you want the solution to win – help them spread the word. Promote and share on your social channels, leave comments of support on their page.

You have until the 28 of February to vote, share and comment so hurry up and be part of the #BrightMindsChallenge! It’s your voice. It’s your vote. And it matters greatly. You’ll be helping to drive change and showing your support for renewable energy – and for our planet. Everyone has an important role in making 100% renewable energy happen, faster.

Including you.

Need more info? We got you. Checkout our FAQ page.

Bright Minds Buzz

The movement is real. People all over the world are joining together to support our Bright Minds – and to make sure our future is protected. Read the latest blogs from our partners and follow our finalist’ progress as they get ready to face the judges.