224 MW Powering 31500 homes with liquid flow battery

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Published 25 Jan 2017

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224 MW Powering 31500 homes with liquid flow battery

FPL Solar Implementation of smart meter technology and custom solar solutions for south Florida Floridians for Solar Choice Volunteer Sign Up and Education Go Solar Florida Facebook Promotions Municipal Consulting on 1 Million Solar Panel Project totaling 224MW for Distributed Generation over existing power lines for the city of Vero Beach Sustainable living for 31,500 homes in Vero Beach Florida over land that once was used for for oil holding tanks near the valuable water supply in the Indian river lagoon. Currently looking for investors for large solar projects for distributed energy over existing FPL distribution lines in Vero Beach.

How it benefits society

Cleans a toxic waterway with solar power water filtration. Provides energy for 31500 homes at lower cost and is renewable energy non-toxic

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Evan Esposito
vero beach municipal power plant

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