Calcium ion complex battery

  • Off-grid
  • Efficiency
  • Portability
  • Storage
  • Energy storage
  • Durability

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Published 31 Jan 2017

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Calcium ion complex battery

Until today, many attempts to create a method of simple, safe and sustainable storage for electricity failed. Economic development on a global scale has posed a number of challenges among which highlights the problem of energy supply, as an integrated perspective, serving so the economic and environmental constraints. So, they have gained relevance in recent decades renewable energy sources for its environmental benefits and economic potential. However these energy sources are not always available, which requires the use of storage techniques in order to achieve intensely exploit these resources. Aiming at a better use of energy from natural resources, we delve into in a study of alternative solutions for the storage of existing energy. In this project we propose a new concept of energy storage, an especially differentiated product, and our technology can effectively store large amounts of energy in a way that does not degrade or suffer from wear. Our battery can be applied in liquid and solid polymer state. Your composition has been carefully selected to ban toxic and flammable, which provided abundant in simple components, making a significant contribution to the management of reserves and contributing to increased security of supply.

How it benefits society

Due to the large market need for more efficient energy storage, the reasons why our product provides this efficiency is related to the fact that a battery is calcium carbonate, a mineral quite abundant. Its manufacture is simple which provides safe, lower cost and faster production. Among other things the Enetion battery is free of toxic loads, have the ability to store large amounts of energy. It’s dynamism is associated with the ability to adapt to any form and size while maintaining good performance. Because the composition and technology used in our battery pack, it assimilates the resolution of several dilemmas such as low internal resistance, no memory effect, autonomy is unaffected by minimum or maximum temperature, is non-flammable, fast loading, does not suffer heating problems, is not subject to strict regulations due to its composition is harmless. In addition to these advantages, our battery is light, and lets you easily adjust the amperage and voltage.

Who we are

Kerollany Magalhães, Hosana Magalhães, Marciel Magalhães

Enetion, is a company who works in the area of research and development of alternative solutions in the field of renewable energy, more specifically: energy accumulators and polymer cells. We are a team of independent researchers, who have been developing innovative technologies over 15 years. What motivates us is to make a change in this unsustainable energy model that we live in today and what defines us is to be innovative. Our vision and dynamism have made us embrace a project within our specialty and scientific knowledge. A member of our team, a senior researcher with a vast knowledge of chemistry, has tirelessly contributed to the implementation of an innovative and sustainable model of an energy generator and accumulator.

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