BeON ROBO - microinverter with artificial inteligence

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BeON energy

Published 07 Feb 2017

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BeON ROBO - microinverter with artificial inteligence

BeON energy currently is manufacturing the worlds highest reliability microinverter, this is being sold very successfully at the moment, having already change how solar is done in Portugal, since our current microinverter allows for a PV system to be connected to any wall socket plug. greatly minimizing instantiation costs while making is as safe as plugging a TV. Now we introduce the BeON ROBO an artificial intelligent system that can fully automate every device connected to the energy mesh and control the way it uses energy depending on weather there is free PV energy. thus avoiding people to use expensive grid energy. People can now use their inexpensive PV energy to the fullest, even allowing for energy storage, in really smart ways such as heating and already existing batteries such as electric cars. A leap beyond how we thin a PV system is and a revolution in the way we think about energy management and how energy storage is done.

How it benefits society

in an amazing cooperation project BeOn energy a self-consumption specialized start-up giving power generation to the masses and giving control to the people has partnered with a grid utility giant EDP, which smartly found a way to integrate the future into to cleaver business models. through this cooperation we have saved solar in Portugal. previously a business that was frozen, suddenly gained a new life and today thousands of professionals are finding new ways to do solar business and tens of thousands of homes are now using their own created energy powered by BeON. We have changed Portugal in a unique symbiosis between 2 unlikely partners, now we want to change the World.

Who we are

BeON energy
Rui Rod, Jose Marcal
Lisbon Portugal

BeON Energy is a company developing and manufacturing cutting edge solar technologies. Being the first company in the world developing PV panel integrated, controllable microinverters, specially designed for energy self-consumption and smart energy management solutions. Doubling yearly in revenue and staff, employing over 10 people, with in-house R&D and manufacturing facilities. Operation sites in Ponte de Sor and Lisbon (Portugal), China and USA. Rui Rod has PHD studies from Chalmers university Sweden in electronics manufacturing and has 10 years of experience in PV. José Marçal has PhD studies from IST Lisbon in control systems.

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