• Recyclability
  • Efficiency
  • Solar power
  • Access
  • Integration
  • Affordability

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Published 02 Feb 2017

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We are building a Solar Voyager for a expedition to the geographical South pole based on existing technologies. The body will be 3D printed from waste plastic. We will use state of the art technologies to be able to drive on Solar power on this extreem continent. The project is a wide cooperation between of people, organizations and governments who really want to transform to a circular economy. With this project we show the world that its not a matter of technology but human behavior. But to proof this idea we have to build a ATV which is never been build before and nobody is ever been driving on solar power at Antarctica.

How it benefits society

We want to inspire the society with our expedition for a sustainable lifestyle and business. We handover practical steps and solutions to help you transform to a circular economy. Everyone can cooperate in this project. It is a education, open innovation and gives you practical solutions to continu form here on in your situation. It is also a expedition to extent the treaty of Antarctica after 2048. The next generation has to decide over this treaty. We therefore see the youth as a important party in our expedition. The expedition inspire to life Zero Waste and Zero Emission.

Who we are


Edwin a. ter Velde, Wilco van Rooijen, Cees Hebing
Computerweg 21 1033 RH Amsterdam -Noord

(left) Edwin ter Velde design and building the Soalr Voyager and heading for the south pole in december (middle) Wilco van Rooijen logistics and preparation for the expedition and heading for the south pole in december (right) Cees Hebing Base Camp manager and chairman of the stichting Clean2Antarctica

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