COOLENERGY 100 kWh cold thermal energy storage (CTES).

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Published 25 Jan 2017

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COOLENERGY 100 kWh cold thermal energy storage (CTES).

The company offers 100kWh cold thermal energy storage which works in conjunction with every commercial air-conditioning systems. The system stores energy at night (when electricity is less expensive) and delivers that energy during the „Peak” . The system is intended to work as a ice battery for the air conditioning system. We store energy in the ice We have charging and discharging cycle. Cold thermal energy storage can be -key part of demand response support system (DSR) -key part of ESCO contracts -key part of energy performance contracts (EPC) -payback period in Italy 2-3 years ( unit price 12 000 EURO)

How it benefits society

Europe has experienced a drastic boost in the cooling energy demands, driven by comfort habits, changing climate conditions etc . By 2020, the general demand for the cooling energy in Europe is expected to increase to 500 TWhc from 200 TWhc 20 years ago. Each building during the day, especially in the summer, has typical Electrical Demand Profile called „Peak” During summer afternoons, when temperatures are at their highest, building managers crank up the air-conditioning to keep occupants cool and comfortable that’s why utility bills are growing . So Our challege is to shift this „Peak”, to avoid energy use during these times and reduce the utility bills.

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Wiesław Matusiak currently holds the position of the President of the Board at Fast De-velopment Sp. z o.o. Wiesław has an extensive knowledge and experience in designing heating and cooling installations, product development and product industrialization. He is the inventor of the core technology .

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