ECOMESH: Heat and electricity in a single panel.

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Published 29 Jan 2017

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ECOMESH: Heat and electricity in a single panel.

EndeF has patented the ECOMESH hybrid solar panels. A device that thanks to the combined production of electricity and heat in a single panel could transform up to 80 % of the solar irradiation that reaches panels into useful energy. ECOMESH panels incorporate TIC (Transparent Insulating Cover) technology. This cover is able to recover the heat loss through the front side of conventional hybrid panels, improving their efficiency and offering a high added value product regarding to other hybrid solar panels. The main advantages are: • Reduce collecting surface (by 40%) to generate the same energy as thermal and photovoltaic panels separately. • Increase electricity production (by 15%) due to heat dissipation that allows the panels to operate at an optimum operat-ing temperature. • Triple thermal output at elevated temperatures compared to existing hybrid panels in the market. • Reduce payback period without subsidies, thanks to the simultaneous generation of power and heat and the performance enhancement. • Reduce the environmental impact decreasing at the same time the dependence on fossil fuels

How it benefits society

Nowadays, buildings are one of the main sectors for energy consumption of our society. In the European Union only, the residential sector accounts for 25% of electricity consumption and 29% of final energy consumption. However, with the current technologies, the roofs do not have enough surface to be covered with sufficient solar panels to produce all the energy that our buildings need. ECOMESH hybrid panels solves the space problem for solar panels on the roofs. The ECOMESH panels are optimal for buildings with limited available space with high energy demand due to their easy installation and high profitability. Moreover, ECOMESH installation safe materials, time and logistic costs: to install solar panel that produces electricity and heat in a single device also reduces 40 % the structure needed for a solar installation, 20% the time of installation and 30% logistic transport costs comparing with conventional solar systems.

Who we are

Isabel Guedea Medrano, Gonzalo Brun Gresa, Alejandro del Amo Sancho
Saragossa, Spain

EndeF is leaded by the three of the founding partners: • Executive Director, Isabel Guedea, she is also the financial director, leads the Administration Department and R&D. • Technical Director, Alejandro del Amo, he leads the Technical Department and Commercial Department. • Chief Operating Officer, Gonzalo Brun, he leads the Manufacturing and Installation Department of the hybrid solar panels ECOMESH. The three founders are engineers, but they have education in Business Management and they have put into prac-tice the knowledge acquired throughout the development of their company. Nowadays EndeF´s team counts on 13 employees, founders included. EndeF has a multidisciplinary team of PhD and MSc engineers, which makes us a high value-added engineering firm, able to actually turn ideas into reality. The principal departments are Administration, Technical Direction, R&D, Operations and Commercial Department. The Operations Department are divided in ECOMESH manufacturing and installation

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