Low Cost Solar Tracker to Empower Off-Grid Communities

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Published 06 Feb 2017

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Low Cost Solar Tracker to Empower Off-Grid Communities

The SunSaluter can be made from common local materials like bamboo or scrap metal, making it local and inexpensive. The SunSaluter increases solar panel output by 40%, so it is economical to use with panels which cost more than three times as much as the SunSaluter. The cost of solar panels depends on geographical area, so the SunSaluter may be economical for panels as small as 30 watts. The SunSaluter can also be fitted with a water filter to provide clean drinking water. By integrating water purification into a family’s daily energy routine, the SunSaluter ensures consistent access to clean water. Our current model includes working with local entrepreneurs to create work around SunSaluters, increasing decent work and economic growth. Many SunSaluter users have also been able to generate small amounts of additional income by allowing others to charge their phones and paying a small fee.

How it benefits society

Kerosene from lamps contributes to global warming, an estimated 240 million tons of CO2e annually (equivalent to 4.5% of US CO2 emissions). Kerosene is a significant and recurring expense for many families, decreasing financial resilience and creating reliance on global energy pricing. So if 10,000 units of SunSaluter are distributed, then 30,000 tons of CO2 would decrease and 150,000 farmers would be directly impacted. More light allows children to study later, and education is a major determinant of women’s rights and alleviation of poverty. More light creates potential to increase side revenue streams such as small side businesses, contributing to greater financial independence and decreasing poverty. By creating more opportunities to charge phones closer to homes, we can increase access to mobile phones to not only improves basic communication, but also improve business and health outcomes. When users spend less time walking to distant locations to charge their phones, they are in a position to have much safer daily lives.

Who we are


Eden Full Goh, Sambit Sasmal
Asia, Africa and Latin America

Our team by design is comprised of complementary strengths, skills, and networks, held together by a passion for impactful and effective change. Many of our team members have extensive experience and networks in user-centric design, solar industry value change, entrepreneurship, developed and developing world companies and non-profits, project management, partnerships, marketing, fundraising, and more. We have the understanding to know that credentials mean little if we aren’t listening to the wisdom and needs of the people we are serving. Our team is part of SunSaluter because we want to make a difference, and we have the skills to do so and ability to access networks to fill any gaps. With our user-centric design focus, we focus on more than delivering what we say we change our modes and methods of delivery based on the outcomes and needs observed through our users and partners, to ensure we have the desired impact. We started as a high school science project, and have since grown to an award-winning 501(c)(3) non-profit organization this has helped us a lot to keep motivating our team helping local entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses around its innovative solar panel rotator.


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