Optimising solar panel performance by at least 50 %

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Hatem Essaddam

Published 06 Feb 2017

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Optimising solar panel performance by at least 50 %

The enhancement process allows to easily and effectively optimize amorphous solar panel performance by at least 50%. The amorphous panel is the cheapest and the most environment-friendly type of panel. The process is easy to apply and the panel that have already been treated since 2011 still work with no performance loss.

How it benefits society

The process allows access to very cheap panels with comparable performances to most expensive ones. This process will grant access to solar energy to most people. It will also decrease the environmental impact of solar panels expansion since amorphous panels are the most environment-friendly type of panel due to their easiest and cheapest production process.

Who we are

Hatem Essaddam
Hatem Essaddam
Ste-Thérèse, Québec, Canada

I'm a Ph.D engineer in polymer chemistry. I did my scholarship in Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in France from which I obtained my PhD with very honorable distinction with unanimous congratulations from the jury. After 30 years working in Tunisia, as an Assitant Professor. I moved to Canada where I developed my first patent : PROCESS FOR ISOLATING CELLULOSE FROM CELLULOSIC BIOMASS, ISOLATED CELLULOSE OF TYPE I AND COMPOSITE MATERIALS COMPRISING SAME. Few years later I patented another process : POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE DEPOLYMERIZATION. My main goal is to develop environmental processes that will allow us to live in a better world with a fewer dependency on non renewable energy. The amorphous solar panel enhancement process is one of my inventions and I hope I will have the chance to scale it up and hopefully make solar panels available to everyone.

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