Solar Apps - Quick Deployment Containerised Solutions

  • Off-grid
  • Recyclability
  • Solar power
  • Portability
  • Hybrid
  • Affordability

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Innovative Power Consultants

Published 20 Jan 2017

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Solar Apps - Quick Deployment Containerised Solutions

Solar Apps provides off grid applications in a standard 20 foot shipping container. The system is pre-assembled in a controlled environment and can therefore be set up on site in a couple of hours with 4 semi skilled personnel. Energy is immediately available through battery/fuel cell storage . The Solar Apps provides not only Power from pre-assembled Solar modules, but also a multitude of applications housed in the shipping container. This includes simple site offices, to water pumping stations, water purification stations, telecom base stations, mobile clinics, etc. The system is off-grid and hybrid with complete automatic control and remote SCADA and control over the internet. The unit also houses energy storage as batteries for night usage. In the first prototype, we have utilised small 4kg batteries to provide portable power to individual huts and save on distribution cables since the village was spread over a few km.

How it benefits society

Solar Apps is quick deployment, off grid solution. Its main target is to provide power to locations which are far off from the grid. Requiring no specialised Engineering support on site, the solution is ideal to power poor villages or Telecom Base Stations which are far from the grid. In this way, power can be made available within a few days from order instead of waiting a few years for grid extension, or having to provide a constant fuel supply for generators The Solar Apps is also a direct replacement for the diesel generator. Even in hybrid models of the Solar Apps, the fuel saving is substantial and therefore lowers CO2 emissions, reducing fuel delivery cost to almost nil. This solution benefits society since it provides a power solution that needs to burn no fuel and is portable to such an extent that it can be repacked into the container and shipped to a new location when no longer required at any particular site.

Who we are


Innovative Power Consultants
Norman Abela
The Prototype is located in Myanmar.

Norman Abela has been working in the Solar Energy field for the past 25 years. The actual idea for the "Solar Apps" (prototype called Bright 150) was developed and patented by 4 invention owners working under different organisations: Norman Abela,Vinni Bellini, Gaetan Borgers and Holger Janke. Bright Foundation a non profit organisation saw its advantage as a product for the poor villages in Myanmar and through their sponsorship, a prototype was built. Through the support of the Myanmar Red Cross, the system was installed in the village of Dala in Myanmar where it operates succesfully providing energy to 160 huts. I consider all these parties to be part of the succesful team, mainly the 4 inventors together with Bright Foundation, Myanmar Red Cross and Transitive Management from Belgium for their kind donations.

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