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Solar Boat Twente

Published 09 Dec 2016

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Solar Boat Twente - Get involved!

Solar Boat Twente is an initiative at the University of Twente. Our goal? Designing and building a solar powered boat. With it, we will take part in (among others) the Monaco Solar Boat Challenge ( in July 2017 and in the Eneco Solar Boat Race in May 2017 ( in the Netherlands. Fifteen enthusiastic students, mainly with an engineering background, will put in a year of hard work to realize their dream - taking a podium-position with an innovative design in Monaco. However, we cannot realize this dream all by ourselves. This is why we aim at intensive cooperation with multiple companies and organisations. Together, we can showcase the opportunities of renewable technology and, at the same time, be an inspiration for the use of green energy. Companies and organisations that team up with Solar Boat Twente, will join us in an adventure to develop renewable and innovative technologies. We also offer the opportunity of getting in touch with engineering students, as well as other partnering organisations. Making use of our renewable platform, partners are invited to test new ideas. By joining forces in developing and realizing these ideas, we can challenge the current solar boat standard through innovation. More information (and our design) can be found on our website,

How it benefits society

Solar Boat Twente is backed by institutions as well as local, national and international organisations. Every Solar Boat Twente partner contributes in its own way, be it knowledge, cash or products. In this way, Solar Boat Twente anchors its innovations into society.

Who we are


Solar Boat Twente
Jasper Admiraal, Hidde Pik
Enschede, The Netherlands

Solar Boat Twente is a student initiative at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Fifteen students of various studies aim to design, build and race an innovative solar powered boat in international competitions.

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