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Solar for Schools

Published 26 Jan 2017

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Solar for Schools

There is a lack of low-cost solar energy solutions for schools that currently prevents them from going solar. Yet, most schools provide an ideal location for solar power systems due to their typically large roofs and to their day-time energy usage. Further, providing tangible experiences with sustainability for the younger generation, which is vital in transforming our economy to a low-carbon economy, is a benefit from having solar on schools. That's where we come in. Solar for Schools is a social impact, internet based business enabling schools to to generate their own solar energy, reduce their carbon footprint, and educate the next generation on sustainability. We are a solar energy providers with a twist: we fund, plan, build, and monitor solar power systems for schools, so that each school can generate its own solar energy at no extra costs, while providing educational resources for students about sustainability. From initial assessment to long term solar asset management, we de-risk the entire process for both schools and investors. We enable schools to quickly and easily compare different system sizes and their impact on carbon reduction. Our main tool is an online platform, which includes databases of all schools in the countries in which we operate and corresponding data points to assist schools in choosing a solar power system that is best for them.

How it benefits society

We are helping to mitigate climate change by offering an alternative to coal as an energy source which will ultimately benefit everyone. Also, the foundations for the shift to a 100% renewable energy economy are being developed, yet we are taking it a step further. In essence, the business-as-usual model needs to be disrupted and significantly altered in order for our world to become renewable; reforming thought and encouraging a movement towards this necessary disruption takes place within schools and with our young people by introducing them to a new norm. Solar for School aims to do just that. By building solar power systems on schools, we are setting the example to the students and giving the schools the ability to create their own energy that is clean and renewable, along with providing resources for experiential sustainability education. If we get solar panel systems on all schools worldwide, which is our goal, we would save 50 million tons of greenhouse gases emissions; unmeasurable is the impact we have on students by inspiring the next generation to live more sustainably through our educational programs and their future actions that they will take.

Who we are

Solar for Schools
Robert Schrimpff, Martin Augustin, Ann Flaherty
Germany, the UK, and India

Our team is made up of eight members. We are led by the two co-founders, Robert Schrimpff and Martin Augustin. They first started working together 10 years ago at Robert’s old VC firm, and they have been collaborating ever since. Their excellent cooperation and common drive to make big things happen led to a natural partnership, which was the creation of Solar for Schools in 2015. Robert serves at the company CEO and has 8 years of experience in venture capital and previously was a serial entrepreneur who set up a number of internet businesses including hotels.com and netxtra.net. He holds an MBA from INSEAD, where he co-founded the INSEAD Energy Network and an Aeronautical Engineering Masters from Imperial College in London. Martin brings his experience and expertise in project management to the team as the company COO. Before Solar for Schools, he ran a renewable energy consultancy business and helped develop solar plants, wind farms, and biogas plants across Europe. Martin holds a diploma in technology and management from Technical University of Munich. Also in the leadership team is Ann Flaherty as the Business and Project Manager. Ann has championed education charities to work with commercial organizations and has co-created environmentally-focused projects for young people. She has a background in media, journalism, event management, communications, and marketing and holds a MSc in Sustainable Development from the Centre for Environmental Studies. In addition, we have a Representative for School Communications for the UK (Helen Biro), a Communications Manager for Germany (Sarah Finder), a Brand & Product Manager (Pallavi Modi), a Head of Web Development (Joaquin Marti), and a Web Developer (Matthew Diggins).


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