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Solar tracker for photovoltaic power generation

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  • Solar power
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SOL SciTech Corp.

Published 27 Jan 2017

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Solar tracker for photovoltaic power generation

This solution-New Solar tracker-was invented to overcome the self contradiction of PV technology like using much lands and thus causing environmental damages. This makes it possible to build PV plant on a small area no matter what its topographical condition is. Therefore this can make PV plant popularized to everywhere-no matter what the size of countries are, no matter whether the country is mountainous or not, no matter how rich the country is and no matter whether the country is islands or not. This solution has very economic access for PV plant because a single system is not a huge scale like a hundreds MW but a much useful scale like 100~1 MW. And this will become the fundamental structure for smart grid. Without huge amounts of land and environmental damages, 10,000 units of 100kW system every here and there means 1 GW plant and that is really a SMART GRID with connecting them. More than anything, every country and everyone can build the needed amount of plants progressively through long term plan. Its application is not limited. Every country has many areas where peoples didn't think far. That is just the roadsides of highway and railway. Its installation at a constant interval alongside of these roads can supply energy to EV or E trains. Furthermore, this solution can allow to be combined with architecture and facility. This can supply a medical center, a school, a gymnasium, a small factory or things like that in undeveloped area as well as energy.

How it benefits society

First of all, this solution reduces rapidly environmental damage to get solar energy. Everyone will welcome actively to build this system for PV generation. Especially this system is very useful for undeveloped rural area or islands so that it solves their energy shortage. Their initial investment is not huge and thus the decentralized power grid can be processed progressively by long term plan according to their budget or finance. And this system can be popularized easily and widely because it is possible to install at everywhere needing energy. Thus if these systems are connected each other as a smart grid, everyone can use electricity easily. This solution will surely make the paradigm change of PV generation as a global standard and make go close to zero carbon worlds. Climate change wouldn't give any alternatives to us. The use of solar energy must be the best potential for its mitigation and this solution will be a competent one.

Who we are


SOL SciTech Corp.
Sung Hang Ahn as the prime investor, Dong Woo Lee as the representative of SOLSciTech, Boon Do Eom as the inventors and an engineer
Seoul, KOREA

Mr. Sung Hang Ahn as the prime investor of SOL Sci Tech has a trading company of 35 yrs in medical field and its CEO. Mr. Dong Woo Lee is a investor and a representative of SOL SciTech. Mr. Boon Do Eom is the inventor of this solution, patentee and challenger to this event. I had worked as a research engineer in R&D center of automobile company-Hyundai Motors, Daewoo Motors and RenaultSamsung Motors for about 25 yrs. After retiring company, I had a desire to contribute to society as a good engineer and had some interest about environment. And so I wrote as a columnist about renewable energy-especially solar energy- for 2 yrs. At that period, I realized the critical problems in PV industry and felt the seriousness of climate change. After that, I tried to delve a useful PV technology which uses a small land and is the efficient system embeded with tracker for 6 yrs. During that 6 yrs, I got 5 patents-Korea 2, Us 1, EU 1, China 1 and India pending as well as WIPO. There had been so many risks to me. I didn't find out any angel investors until SOL SciTech was established March this year. And in May, I was connected SGPL in India through SNS. India showed a big interest to my solution and is keeping our communications now. I want to meet a competent investor in India and commercialize this solution successfully. I know the total length of highway in US reaches 250,000km. One of my target is to build this 100~150kW plant at an interval of 1km alongside of this highway. Without developing so much land causing environmental damage, we can generate 25GW electricity. Why not?

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