Stored solar energy to stop dependence on fossil fuels

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United Sun Systems Sweden AB

Published 01 Feb 2017

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Stored solar energy to stop dependence on fossil fuels

Energy storage is the most important issue in the energy sector today. If renewable energy is to be a real alternative to traditional fossil fuel electricity, storage is crucial. All CSP technologies have the huge advantage of using heat from the sun to create electricity. And heat can be stored! USS is developing a cutting edge, new technology, high temp., Thermal Battery, tailored to the most efficient of all solar electricity generating technologies. USS’ technology, CSt-Dish is the most efficient of all solar electricity generating technologies. The DOE and others confirm it as the most efficient at over 31%, compared to PV at approx. 15%. Throughout the day, heat is absorbed and stored in the thermal storage battery. When production is required, stored heat is released to produce electricity

How it benefits society

The sun is by far the most plentiful source of energy on our planet. To date the main way of harnessing its energy is during hours of direct sunshine where part of the solar energy is converted to electricity which is either immediately used or fed into the grid. To be able to deliver solar energy during the evening hours on commercially viable terms is the “The Holy Grail” in energy. United Sun Systems (USS) is focused on production of the world’s most viable solar technology allowing solar energy to be harvested during sunshine hours and then delivered after sunset. The proposed route is cheaper than Oil, Gas, Coal and Nuclear and a game changer in future energy production. Providing a solar energy system which is 100% competitive with non-subsidized fossil fuels and also the ability to deliver electricity during darkness, will once and for all help the world turn away from devastating CO2 emissions.

Who we are


United Sun Systems Sweden AB
Lars Jacobsson
The team are based in Sweden with partners in US.

Key people in the team Lars Jacobsson — CEO, Founder & Chairman. The entrepreneur with a successful track record from the oil, gas and solar industries. Joachim Hjerpe — COO. The industrialist with 25 years experience in top management in the international automotive industry. Lennart Lundström — CTO. The technical expert with more experience of CSPt-Dish and Stirling heat engines than anyone in the world

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