Triple Solar - All-in-one renewable energy system

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Triple Solar

Published 05 Feb 2017

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Triple Solar - All-in-one renewable energy system

The Triple Solar solution is the - easily applicable - energy neutral heating system for new and existing buildings. Our solution is scalable as well. We successfully installed our solution in small houses, offices and in large swimming pools. Our solution works each moment of the year: 24/7, summer/winter and with cloudy weather. We do not need fossil fuels anymore, because our innovative panels generate both electricity and heat. So, the Triple Solar panels generate free energy, and this energy is at any time available. To sum up: We use sunlight to generate electricity, we use the heat of the sun to generate hot water, and we use the energy from the outside air as a source for a heat pump. Since we do not use moving parts, or high-tech components, the Triple Solar system is a sustainable solution.

How it benefits society

Benefits: One green solution to generate both heating and electricity; More energy efficiency: savings on gas and electricity; Functions also without sunlight and -heat; Easily applicable energy solution on new and existing buildings; A solution for energy neutral renovation. How does our Solution benefits society? We do not longer depend on fossil fuels: no emission of CO2. More energy efficiency: saving on gas and electricity bill of the end-consumer. No dependency for gas delivery from other nations, preventing wars on energy. Local manufacturing of Triple Solar panels in the Netherlands. We only use parts from inside the European Union to avoid energy wasting transportation. We actively participate in educational programs of the local education institutions. In the near future, we need to stop heating our buildings with gas. Our solution makes an energy neutral solution for heating possible.

Who we are


Triple Solar
Cees Mager (founder), Frits Verhoef

Cees Mager (CEO & CTO) I have a Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. I worked for Victron / Mastervolt in different product development and management positions in the Netherlands, and acted as the managing director for Victron Indonesia from 1993 till 1997. I have my own product development company since then. From 2009 onwards I am the managing director of Triple Solar. Frits Verhoef (CCO). I have a MSc in Applied Physics from the Technical University of Delft. I've been working in the sustainable energy business since 2006, mostly in the field of photovoltaics. After a year working for several sustainable energy funds I decided to put my energy on a disregarded field: sustainable heat. That's why I joined Triple Solar in 2015 as Chief Commercial Officer. With the Triple Solar solution I want to show the possibilities of heating buildings without the use of fossil fuels.

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