USSD platform for PAYGO Micro-Grid solar distribution

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Cellulike Tanzania Limited

Published 16 Dec 2016

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USSD platform for PAYGO Micro-Grid solar distribution

A micro-grid solar power distribution system on Pay-As-You-Go model that runs on Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) platform (as opposed to mobile app: currently used); driven by village agents to eliminate scalability barriers: mobile money, smart phones & internet

How it benefits society

Tanzania has >10milion off-grid households yet less that 200,000 have been connected with the solar home systems in the last 5years due to use of PAYG platform that is not easily scalable. Our USSD solution enables us to work through village agents in their own localities hence scale-up of PAYG solar to as many low income households is easy. 1. NO. OF PEOPLE REACHED WITH POWER: through village agents the reach is exponential & spread of benefits is quick. 2. CO₂ EMISSION AVERTED: The households today use kerosene lamps & candles for light. Solar Home systems provide clean energy. 3. TOTAL HOUSEHOLD SAVING: Total cost of kerosene/candles and mobile phone charging is estimated at USD 0.5 per day per household. We charge USD 0.23 per day for solar light rental. 4. EXTRA HOURS OF CHILD STUDY: Our solar home systems guartee unlimited duration of use within the paid-up period as opposed to kerosene lamps or candles that burn out. 5. BETTER HEALTH: Fumes emitted by kerosene lamps & candles are major cause of various respiratory deseases in rural areas. Our solar systems help prevent these situations. 6. SUSTAINABLE EMPLOYMENT: With the USSD platform, Cellulike will work through local partnerships to recruit & support customers, and install solar devices, we will select & empower local people through training to offer the service required within their own locality.

Who we are

Cellulike Tanzania Limited
Richard Awuor
Tanzania & Zanzibar

Richard Awuor-Founder & CEO BA. Linguistics PGD. Logistics, Supply Chain Cert: Community Phone Business Strategy WSET 1 12years experience Previously 1) Country manager-Maritime & Mercantile International-Tanzania (member of The Emirates group) 2) Country manager-Heineken Tanzania 3) Sales Strategy & Projects Coordinator-Airtel Telecommunications Networks-Kenya 4) Customer Relations Representative-Diageo Paul Myra-Distribution Manager Bachelor of Commerce-Marketing 11years experience in Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania Experience in beverages RTM: Coca-cola, Heineken & Diageo Afia Luyangi-Customer Support Manager Bachelor of Business Administration 7years experience Telecommunication, Banking & Finance Leila Saleh-Logistics & Operations Manager Business Management: Logistics & Supply Chain 5years experience Shipping & Freight forwarding industry

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