Venza – hybrid energy solution system

  • Efficiency
  • Solar power
  • Integration
  • Hybrid
  • Affordability
  • Developing market

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Published 09 Jan 2017

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Venza – hybrid energy solution system

Venza is a hybrid system that brings together in a single product power management, security monitoring and internet signal amplification.

How it benefits society

Clean energy, uninterrupted, without polluting the environment. Reduce costs by using only the energy you consume. It can be adapted to any size of business, according to the needs and financial resources of each one.

Who we are


Kelity Pereira do Nascimento, Ana Lucia Satto, Paschoal Fabra Neto
Tatuí, city on the rural area of São Paulo, Brazil

From the experience in Japan, we decided to invest in a eco-friendly system with characteristics unheard of in the country we love, Brazil. We believe that dedication, opportunity, success of the experiment and research based on innovation and sustainability have attracted qualified professionals in specific segments. We have discovered over time that this model of clean energy generation would, not only serve the country we live, but the world.

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