VOLVAR: Optimal Power and Heat, and Carbon Abatement

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Published 06 Feb 2017

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VOLVAR: Optimal Power and Heat, and Carbon Abatement

In current PVT systems, coolant circulates with constant flow rate, thus causing terrific declines in power and heat harvesting capacity of the solar power and heat modules and in PV systems no coolant even exists. Cutting-edge VOLVAR Technology optimizes the fluid flow so as to optimize net total power and heat output. VOLVAR Clean-Tech maximizes the net total Solar Power and Heat output and carbon abatement. Customers optimally produce power, heat, cold with reduced investment and additional cost savings. In comparison to conventional power and heat generation system, the VOLVAR Technology provides the benefits of shorter duration of installation and ease of operation with safety, while massively cutting on operational and maintenance costs. Customers optimally produce power, heat, cold with 10% reduced initial investment, additional cost and 100% land/ rooftop space area savings, while providing tremendous sustenance for the reduction of Green House Gas emissions, indispensably impacting advances in health, and environmental safety. However, no product for optimizing system operational efficiency for optimal total net power and heat exists, leaving the VOLVAR market is infant with a spurt of growth possibilities. Further, departing away from the high cost affixed grid systems, VOLVAR Clean-Tech promotes affordable, independent off-grid solutions while saving tremendously on imported fuel costs so as to positively impact the national economy.

How it benefits society

As an Economic Engine, the Global Photovoltaic Market provides about 3.1 million jobs in 2016. By the end of 2020, Photovoltaic Job Market is expected to reach 4.7 million employments, and a total of 38 million jobs6 by the end of 2040. In 2014, Europe lost 13% of jobs in PV market. Further, China and Japan holds more than 70% of global PV Job Market. If the current Japanese and Chinese PV job employment growth continues, especially given the losses in Europe considered, China and Japan are expected to hold the entire PV Job Market before 2025. However, the VOLVAR Technology provides more power and heat with increased Photovoltaic efficiency levels, decreased payback periods and initial savings of 10% as well as land/rooftop savings of 100% in addition to the environmental and health benefits with optimal carbon abatement levels with further impacts on the economy. Due to VOLVAR Technology, the European market can accelerate and take over a 50% of the PV job market share approximating to at least 20 million jobs by 20406,7. Extending the 15% annual growth rate of the 2015 PV Market over the next 24 years, the global PV market is estimated to expand by 33 times amounting to 15 Trillion Euros. With the production and wide application of the VOLVAR Technology throughout Europe, the EU PV Market can start holding a majority share of the PV market revenue by 2040.

Who we are

Istanbul, TURKEY

As the ALCOR Team, we are the starters and incubators of the VOLVAR PROJECT and the founders and developers of the exergy based efficiency, pioneering VOLVAR Technology maximizing net total power and heat output and carbon abatement. Our goal is to realize long-term sustainable ideas into efficient projects with an innovative, feasible and synectic design approach and to bring development to our locality with a global outlook. We thrive to serve the global community with integrity and a sharp vision for the future along with our key values for achievement of highest quality and efficiency in production and services via solid expertise in Project Planning and Management processes leading to Successful Project Completions Compliant with Regulatory and Standard Requirements. Being the Co-Inventor of VOLVAR and Founder of ALCOR ENERGY CONTRACTING INDUSTRY COMMERCE JSC, management is dedicated to disruptive implementations to sustain power and resource efficiency. In addition to the development of numerous joint-research projects, and industrial applications on energy efficient, hybrid power generation, green building, efficient heating and cooling systems, and Net-zero Energy Cities in collaboration with a wide variety of international municipalities, companies, and research institutions, our team has extensive experience at the HEGEL High-Efficiency Poly-generation System Project under the European Union Frame Program 6 (FP6) in Torino, 2008. Further, our team's project development and vigorous design and project management skills prove of essential value to the successful realization of our project.


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