WrightGrid - accelerating power access around the world

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WrightGrid LLC

Published 06 Feb 2017

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WrightGrid - accelerating power access around the world

At WrightGrid we're on a mission to enhance personal connectivity by deploying accessible and sustainable power solutions in public spaces where power doesn't presently exist today. We're achieving this mission with our first product, our Model Z, which is a secure, solar powered, cell phone charging station and WiFi hotspot and mobile money liquidity point. Stations are designed and fabricated in New England, with assembly and test moving to the local market. We have partnered with a joint venture between Pygma Communications, the largest advertising company in the DRC, who handles the advertising campaigns for all the major telcos, including Airtel and Vodacom, and AltGrid to own, operate, deploy and service stations. Users then enjoy an incredible experience - secure, easy phone charging, convenient Wi-Fi and very soon, mobile money processing. Stations are purchased by our distribution partners and deployed to the field at local businesses (bars/restaurants to begin with). Stations generate revenue from phone users seeking to charge their devices, advertising on the outer shell and via the WiFi splash screen/landing page and eventually taking a small percent fee per mobile money transaction. WrightGrid makes a 50% gross margin on the sale of each station, as well as passive income via revenue share with our distribution partner, in exchange for exclusivity.

How it benefits society

Worldwide there are 1.2 billion mobile phone users who are without access to power. 49% of these people live in Sub-Saharan Africa, where access to a power grid will take decades, if it ever comes at all. For this reason, there is a major movement underway to adopt microgrids that support point of use power. In these populations, mobile phones are the primary way in which users get online. Because of their limited access to power, these users modify their mobile device usage/behavior to conserve battery life in their devices. By providing convenient and affordable power access, we will significantly increase the ability for the bottom of the pyramid to access the internet for a variety of different uses.

Who we are


WrightGrid LLC
Ryan Wright, Sam Feller, Sam White
Somerville, MA

Ryan Wright, CEO, deeply understands how to deploy commercial electronics, having succeeded as a Project Manager with BAE Systems and Skyworks Solutions. Sam Feller, Product Development Lead, is a masterful industrial designer. He has brought 4 thoughtful products to market in the last 18 months. Sam White, Chief Marketing Officer, was co-founder of Promethean Power Systems and Greentown Labs, with nearly 25 years of business development experience. Shawn Rose, CTO, was co-founder and CIO at Ecovent, helping raise $10M and develop their smart-hub tech for home HVAC.


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