Thinking of entering the Challenge?

Entry criteria

There are two core entry criteria. You can enter the Bright Minds Challenge if:

  1. You have a solution that’s ready to advance the global potential for solar or energy storage – or both!
    It can be aimed at businesses or consumers. It needs to be ready to scale, to make a big difference.

  2. Your solution is in prototype phase.
    You’ll have a working prototype and be ready to scale up.

You'll also need to...

  • Be able to demonstrate that you’ve got what it takes to bring your solution through to success.
  • Complete and upload all three sections of the entry form, in English, by 6 February 2017.
  • Be available for a pitch and Q&A with the Expert Jury (April 2017) and with a Final High Profile Jury (June 2017).

Some entries aren’t eligible

Your entry won’t be accepted for the Challenge if it...

  • is not yet in the prototype phase.
  • adversely affects the environment by its manufacturing or use.
  • is not a solar or energy storage solution.
  • you are an employee or contractor of the Sponsor, the Partners or one of their respective affiliates and subsidiaries.

What our judges will want to see

Before you enter, you should take a good look at the judging criteria. This is how your solution will be evaluated if you make it through to the Top 10 at the end of public voting. To select the final 3 - and ultimately a winner - our judging panels will consider these five areas:

  • Societal impact

    The clear and demonstrable benefits for society - not least a significant contribution to our ultimate objective of 100% renewable energy.

  • Commercial scalability

    The potential and business model of your solution to be scaled - and of you benefitting from the kind of expert support that’s on offer to the Final 3.

  • Uniqueness

    The originality and innovativeness - whether it’s significantly different from what’s already on the market and approaches a real problem from a new angle.

  • Technical quality

    The technical merits of the prototype and the submission as a whole.

  • Presentation

    The quality of your presentation and your pitch.

If you make it to the final 3, you’ll get invaluable face and brain time with expert mentors to help you prepare a final pitch to the judges. You’ll be in a stronger position if you’ve thought about the five judging criteria from the start of the process.

The judges will pick the winner of 500 hours of tailored support. Second place will receive 250 hours of expert support and third place will get 125 hours of expert support. These packages of expertise may include coaching, mentoring, lab facilities, IP counsel, technical support/expertise, marketing, commercial, funding, access to networks and investors, etc. This package will be provided by DSM together with the Partners. The packages of expertise will take into account the needs and wishes of the winners. For the exact conditions we refer to the Terms and Conditions.

The ultimate winner will have the solution the Final High Profile Jury believes has the most potential to scale, achieving rapid and advanced societal progress.