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1. Solution summary

Grab everyone’s attention and make a good first impression. This is your chance to entice people across the Bright Minds community to want to know more about your project. Gaining your solution supporters and votes.

This information will appear in the solutions gallery index. It will help make your solution more visible in search. And it will show up on your solution page.

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Please provide the ID of the YouTube movie. You can find this in the video URL (e.g. kT3ee0nJL4w)


In case you are participating from China, please provide the ID of the Youku movie. You can find this in the video URL (e.g. XMTg3NDA4NzEzNg)


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Describe your solution in no more than 140 characters - the length of a tweet


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Where is your team or company based?

 Energy Storage
 Solar Power
 Developing Market
 Developed market
 Balance of system
You can assign up to five identification tags to your solution. Choose the ones that best describe your solution. These tags will help people to find your solution, using the search tool.

2. About your solution

Here’s your chance to really sell your project to the world. To get people excited, so they’ll support your solution and vote for it.

Remember that not everyone is a technical expert. Without dumbing down your achievement at all, consider how you would explain your solution if asked “And what are you working on now?” by your aunt.

Open, transparent and clear language is best here. It will help build the widest possible support.

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Describe what your solution does and what it's for. Plus, the key benefits and how it will be used.


What’s the problem your solution aims to solve? Who will it benefit, and how? How will it support the ultimate objective of 100% renewable energy? And how will you know if it will be a success?


Please address what’s unique about your technology, product, business model, the brand, IP, etc. What have been the successes?


What challenges do you need to overcome to scale your solution, what are the causes of these challenges – and what do you need in order to overcome theseachieve that? How quickly can you get to market if you receive this support?


Are you at market testing phases? Or do you have a working prototype that is ready to launch? Can you describe?

3. More details

This information is vital. It will help the DSM Bright Minds team in the criteria and eligibility check and later support both the Expert and the High Profile jury to judge against the set of criteria, if you’re part of the Top 10 by public vote and for the top three finalists. 

We would like to stress that any information you provide in this application form must be non-confidential, but will not be visible to the public. 

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Technical Details

 My solution has Patent protection
 My solution has pending Patent protection
 My solution doesn’t have any Patent protection
 Not applicable
In case your solution doesn't have Patent protection (option 3): Carefully note that if you intend to file a patent application, the information you disclose upon entry may be harmful for later patent filing. We therefore recommend you to consult a patent attorney before entering this challenge.

Commercial viability and scalability


What can you learn from them? What have you learned from others who are trying to solve this particular challenge?


4. Your profile

Now, tell the world who you are – introduce the faces and names behind your solution. This will help your solution stand out and seem less anonymous.


This will be the name of your primary contact.

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Tell us a bit about you, what motivates and defines you? E.g. How and when did you / your business / team start? What did you set out to do? How did your past experiences as a scientist or entrepreneur prepare you for this? What types of role and skills, years of experience do you provide?

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Collectively, your team just needs one single account and profile for the Challenge. The account details will only be visible to the Bright Minds Team and they will also use this information when they need to make contact.


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