Science doesn’t just change the game

It changes the world for the better

We believe it’s time for all of us – scientists and non-scientists alike – to do what we can the help science, and society go even further

DSM created Science Can Change the World because as a science-based company we’ve long been inspired by the many innovators working around the world, often alone, often lacking the resources, support and encouragement they need to put their solutions into practice, but carrying on.

Clearly we weren’t alone. Our Science Can Change the World video about the unsung heroes of science quickly racked up over 5 million views.

Now, through the Bright Minds Challenge, we’re going further. With our partners and collaborators, we’re helping to channel this widespread appreciation for science into much-needed support and exposure for scientists’ emerging ideas and solutions.

Stay tuned for stories of a new generation of unsung science heroes as our Bright Minds, and their supporters, begin to make history.

You just need big ideas and an even bigger heart...

Today's Pioneers

We hear much about the world’s problems, but less about the people who continue to solve them. Here are just some inspirational stories about unsung scientific heroes doing extraordinary things for our society today.

  • Bart Knols

    The eave tube is a simple plastic pipe with a remarkable mosquito-killing gauze fitted into the walls beneath the roofs of African houses.

  • Molly Morse

    What if we could produce plastic using one of nature’s most potent greenhouse gases (methane)? And what if that plastic wasn’t harmful to the environment but naturally biodegradable?

  • Jack Pronk

    Biofuels made from the unwanted and unused parts of plants - and produced through the successful fermentation of their sugars into ethanol…via the catalyst of yeast.

  • Chris Reutelingsperger

    Niaga® Technology makes it possible to reuse products again and again. So materials never go to waste and the materials’ loop can be fully closed.

  • Norman Salem

    Today, DHA is a staple of infant milk formulations and found in everything from sports drinks to supplements – largely thanks to its ability to increase brain and eye function, as well as immunity to disease.

  • Saumil Shah

    Bright green algae with three times the protein of a chicken breast but just a fraction of the carbon footprint…spirulina could be the new spinach.

  • Hans Stein

    To sustainably produce more animal protein for humans we need to help pigs become more efficient at digesting and retaining nutrients.

  • Jens Thies

    Perfecting a polymeric implant that could eventually eliminate the need for the daily application of eye drops for millions of glaucoma sufferers in Europe alone.

  • Ju-Sheng-Zheng

    Discovering the beneficial effects of omega-3 in tackling the sharp rise in diabetes type 2 in China caused by changing diet.

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Legendary Pioneers

Science will always be influenced by extraordinary individuals. Some of them, like Pasteur, are icons. Others, like Rosalind Franklyn, remained in relative obscurity for many years.

When fate eventually chose to smile on them, they grasped the opportunity and changed the world for the better.

Aside from their desire to make a difference, they all share one other essential characteristic that we admire: Grit. These pioneers of science made real sacrifices, fought through tragedy and adversity…and emerged undaunted and unbowed.

Pioneers of science, we salute you.